Black Music Executive’s Airport Incident Goes Viral on Social Media

Emmit Walker Airport Viral Video

A black music executive who was boarding first class called out a white woman for trying to cut him in line because she didn’t believe he was a priority passenger. 

The  man, Emmit Walker was traveling to the Dominican Republic from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in DC on Tuesday for his 37th birthday and was waiting in the priority boarding queue when the unidentified woman behind him tried cutting into his place in line.

Walker posted the interaction he had with the woman along with her photo, but later regretted it, saying he felt bad his social media post put her in the public eye.

The executive said that the woman appeared unwilling to believe he was in the right line, but he assured her he was, saying ‘I’m just a n***** with money’.

Walker said that line was met with applause by other passengers who watched the scene unfold. However, upon reflection, the 37-year-old posted to Facebook saying he wishes he had been more circumspect, despite the woman’s racist provocation.

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