Morgan Spurlock Admits Guilty of Rumored Allegations

Morgan Spurlock Cheater

Documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock admitted on Wednesday that he was once accused of raping a woman, paid money to another to settle a sexual harassment claim, and has been unfaithful to both his wives and all his girlfriends.

Spurlock volunteered the information in a lengthy statement which he posted on TwitLonger and linked to his own Twitter account.

Spurlock became famous thanks to his film Super Size Me,the 2004 documentary in which he spends 30 consecutive days eating nothing but McDonald’s.

Morgan Spurlock Celebrity Gossip News and Trivia

Morgan Spurlock was rejected by the film school at USC five times.
Graduated from NYU with a film degree in 1993.
He gained 25 pounds eating nothing but McDonald’s for a month for “Super Size Me.”
Took him a total of 14 months to lose 24½ pounds he gained from eating McDonalds.
Had done standup comedy briefly in Los Angeles and was, at one point homeless before finding firmer ground as a filmmaker.
[2005] Engaged to longtime girlfriend Alexandra Jamieson.
Member of the ACLU.
He and Alex got married on Tavarua Island in Fiji.
Is a member of Phi Gamma Delta national fraternity (Nu Epsilon chapter New York University.).
Son, Laken James Spurlock, born at home on 9 December 2006.
His favorite films include Scanners (1981), It Happened One Night (1934) and The Shawshank Redemption (1994). His favorite documentary is Brother’s Keeper (1992) and his favorite dramatic film is A Face in the Crowd (1957).
Currently lives in New York City, New York. [2005]

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