Bachelor Contestant Caelynn Miller-Keyes Bullied Online

Miss North Carolina Caelynn Miller KeysWorthless online trolls, who have nothing more to do in life than cyber bully have taken aim at Season Bachelor contestant Caelynn-Miller Keyes.

The 24-year-old, former Miss North Carolina who came fourth on this season shared a series of comments and concerns she has received since appearing on the ABC hit dating series.

Caelynn, who was also first runner up in Miss USA 2018, revealed during the show that she was raped at a college party four years ago. She and two of her friends had their drinks drugged while hanging out with a group of male acquaintances at a party during her sophomore year at Virginia Commonwealth University where she was studying Broadcast Journalism.

It was in that night that her ‘life was flipped upside down.’ and despite moving on, she says it is something that she will struggle with forever.’

She should be commended for her willingness to share her story so that others may find hope, strength and the ability to come forward.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes Sexual Assault

As Miss North Carolina USA, Caelynn Miller-Keyes revealed that she was a survivor of sexual assault and adopted sexual assault awareness as her primary platform of advocacy during the Miss USA competition. During season 23 of The Bachelor, Miller-Keyes went into detail regarding her assault, revealing that it occurred during her sophomore year of college when she and some friends were drugged and raped by a group of boys they were friends with. Miller-Keyes also had indecent pictures of her taken while she was incapacitated. After learning of her assault, Miller-Keyes reached out to hospitals for a rape kit, and was turned away by the first hospital, while the second hospital’s investigation came back inconclusive due to the time that had passed since the assault. Of her assaulters, one was expelled from school while the others were left unpunished.

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