Melania Trump Shares New Year’s Eve Selfie on Social Media

Selfie Melania Trump

Melania Trump took to social media to share a rare, up-close and personal selfie after hosting the annual lavish New Year’s Eve ball at Mar-a-Lago.

She used a social media filter to add bedazzled glittery 2019 caption on the photo.

Guests reportedly spent $1000 per ticket to attend the New Year’s Eve event.

Kevin Spacey Hide Out Revealed in Upscale Baltimore

kevin spacey news

After allegations of sexual assault made by multiple sources actor Kevin Spacey, the accused, has managed to stay out of the public eye and media spotlight for nearly a year.

Spacey sought unspecified treatment following the allegations however, after that, his whereabouts remained unknown and it was almost as if he just vanished.

Usher Offically Files for Divorce from Grace Miguel

Usher files for divorce

It’s official, Usher will soon be single… again!

After a year of separation, Usher, 40, has filed for divorce from wife Grace Miguel, 49, in Georgia.

On March 6, 2018, Usher aka Usher Raymond IV and wife Grace Miguel publicly acknowledged their separation in a statement declaring “After much thought and consideration we have mutually decided to separate as a couple … We remain deeply connected, loving friends who will continue supporting each other through the next phases of our lives”.

Supermodel Christie Brinkley Shares Bikini Photos on Social Media


Christie Brinkley won’t let her age define her!

At the age of 64, Christie Brinkley continues to captivate those in her presence with her beauty.

On Thursday, Christie looked ready for a bikini photo shoot as she had on the black string bikini top that showed off her toned arms and flat tummy in a series of photos which she shared on social media.

The former supermodel and her family are currently on vacation in the Caribbean.

Say a Little Prayer for Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin’s Estats

Tax Lien IRS Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin, who died in August left behind a more than just the legacy as the undisputed all time, every “Queen of Soul.”

She also left behind a huge debt of unpaid back taxes which the IRS is eager to take.

According to sources, when Franklin passed away, she owed the IRS more that $6.3 MILLION in back taxes from 2012 to 2018, and an additional $1.5 mil in penalties as well as unpaid bills to the tune of nearly 54k which date back 6 years.
A publishing company has also filed a lien against her estate claiming that they $136,000 for royalties in connection with the 1973 song “Angel.”

Aretha Franklin Didn’t Leave a Will or Trust

At the time of her passing, Franklin’s net worth at the time of her death was estimated to be roughly $80 million. She left no will therefore, by law, her assets will be divided equally among her four children, according to Michigan state law.