Rita Ora Criticized for Obvious Lip-Sync Macy Day Parade Performance

Rita Ora performs at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

It could best be described as bad timing for Rita Ora, who performed “Let You Love Me” during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The singer got off to a rough star when she missed her cue which made her lip-syncing performance obviously and totally off the mark.

Ora is now facing harsh criticism for those who saw her disastrous performance. Several others who performed had similar issues but they were much less obvious.

Macy’s came to the defense of “several performers” whom they say were “negatively impacted” by technical difficulties during the annual gathering.

Cooking a 25-Pound Turkey in Microwave Challenge Prank Goes Viral

kids turkey challenge

Kids across the country pulled off hilariously heart-stopping pranks ahead of Thanksgiving as they turned to their parents for cooking “advice.”

It was a PRANK!

They were participating in a viral prank called the “turkey challenge,” which prompts kids to ask their parents whether it’s possible to successfully microwave a 25-pound turkey. The “clueless” kids asked how long it would take to cook a turkey in the microwave, noting they didn’t want to wait “hours” for it to roast in the oven.

Jordan Rodgers Calls Out NFL QB Brother Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers Aaron and Jordan Feud

Former Bachelorette winner Jordan Rodgers is lashing out at his NFL quarterback brother, Aaron Rodgers.

According to sources, Jordan, feels that although his brothers $1 million dollar donation to the wildfire victims near his hometown in Northern California, was in good intent… his failure to reach out to his mother and family as they packed up and prepared to evacuate is unacceptable.

Socialite Paris Hilton Says Chris Zylka Isn’t the ONE! Engagement Off

Paris Hilton Engagement

Paris Hilton has broken off her engagement with her fiance Chris Zylka.

The couple dated for a year before getting engaged during an Aspen trip earlier this year.

They called it quits a few weeks ago. According to TMZ.com, Paris, 37, realized Chris, 33, just wasn’t the one, and things between them had moved too fast. Paris hopes the two can remain friends and wishes Zylka all the best.

Chris Zylka, an actor and model was engaged to DVF brand ambassador Hanna Beth Merjos in April 2014. The couple called off the engagement and broke up in early 2015.

Martha Stewart Shares First Time Ever UBER Experience on Instagram

Uber Martha Stewart

Lifestyle expert, Maratha Stewart took to Instagram on Monday to share in true rant style about her “very first Uber” ride.

The 77-year-old, posted a series of photos on the social media account which would make anyone considering transportation via Uber, think twice.

The “Homemaking Expert” had a dreadful experience!

She described as a “mess inside and out.”