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Video George Clooney Injured in a Motorbike Collision in Italy

George Clooney Italy

George Clooney was taken to hospital on Tuesday after suffering minor injuries when a Mercedes Benz, cut in front of the motorbike he was riding.

The accident happened in the Sardinia city of Olbia, where Clooney is filming his latest TV series, Catch-22.

Watch Video Here

According to reports, the driver of the Mercedes was a fault after they failed to respect the right of way.  Clooney, was reportedly  driving at a speed of 60-miles-per-hour when he was hit and thrown nearly 20 feet straight up above the Benz.

Antonello Viglino, 65, owner of a local coffee joint and driver of the car that hit the actor said he was blinded by the sun when the accident occurred.